by Roger Thomas

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It Doesn't Take Much (2 of 5)
Series: Anniversary Celebration of Faith
Roger Thomas
John 6:1-13; Mark 6:30-44

Introduction: I wasn't here one hundred twenty-five years ago when this church was started. (Despite what Carrie Robertson may think!) I didn't hear any of the conversations that took place between people like Joe Barnett, John Jeffries, W.H. Hook and their families. We don't have any record of the deliberations that led to thirty-two people coming together to officially form this congregation on April 26, 1879. But I know something about human nature. People then were not any different than people today.

I would love to have been a fly on the wall in the Beshears or Johnson homes when the leaders of the congregations began to talk about building their own building in 1885. We can look back on those events now and imagine men and women of great faith and vision boldly stepping forward to buy land that cost half-again as much as most people made in a year. They were so short of resources that someone outside the congregation had to co-sign the note before the bank would give them the money. We can imagine the church folk getting together, someone proposing the idea and everyone enthusiastically jumping to their feet in unison shouting, "Let's do it! Let's go for it!" I'll bet that wasn't the way it happened.

Or imagine that congregational meeting in 1923. The elders and deacons of this church proposed the idea for a new church building. Why the old one wasn't forty years old yet! Some of the older folk in that meeting had helped build it with their own bare hands! I'll bet there wasn't even any discussion. Someone made the motion. Someone in the back of room seconded it. The chairman called for a vote. It was unanimous. They all shook hands, cheered for the deacon who came up with the idea, and walked home enthusiastic about coming up with what would amount to at least two million dollars today. Anyone here think that's the w ...

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