by Stan Coffey

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Hints for Wives & Helps for Husbands (8 of 12)
Series: Dynamic Truths For Difficult Times
Stan Coffey
Genesis 23:1-10

I want to speak today on the subject "Hints For Wives and Helps For Husbands." I want you to turn to Genesis 23 and then we are also going to turn to I Peter 3 where Simon Peter has a word to say about Abraham and Sara. In fact Abraham and Sara are given, as the examples of what a godly wife and godly husband are to be. And so we go to the background to get what Peter had in mind when he was talking about Abraham and Sara.

Now in the Bible you will see a number of great love stories. There is the story of Ruth and Boaz, there is the story of Isaac and Rebekkah, the story of Jacob and Rachel, and there are a many of these great love stories in the Bible. But no love story in the Bible or out of the Bible is greater than the love story of Abraham and Sara because theirs was a marriage that lasted; theirs was a marriage that stood the test of the storms of life, the trials of life, the difficulties of life. And ladies and gentlemen, we look at these Bible characters and we say well, sure they had a marriage that lasted but they were Bible characters and they lived in Bible times. And they didn't have all the pressures that we have on our homes today. They didn't have all the immorality and all the attacks upon the family, but as I study their lives I find that their lives were very modern lives. I find that they had the pressures that we have today, they had the same difficulties. And you know a Christian home and a Christian family is not a family or a home or a marriage where there is no difficulty, where there is no trouble. There is no such thing as that. My friend Satan is going to attack the home because the home is the heart of the church. And the home is the heart of the nation and so goes the nation as will the family goes as the home. And our church will never rise above the strength, the faith, and the inspiration o ...

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