by Stan Coffey

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First Century Gospel for a Twentieth Century World (2 of 12)
Series: Dynamic Truths For Difficult Times
Stan Coffey
I Peter 1:9-13

This morning if you have your Bible I want us to study God's Word together, I Peter 1:9. And I want to speak to you this morning on the subject of "First Century Gospel For A Twentieth Century World." If we are going to build the greatest church since Pentecost, we are going to have to understand that this world needs the old time gospel, amen? This world doesn't need a new imagination of man, it doesn't need a philosophy that man has devised, and it needs the Word of God, which does not change. I was in Beaumont, Texas last week preaching at an Evangelism Conference where they asked me to share with the pastors. And as I was sharing with the pastors, I told them that our theme this year was building the greatest church since Pentecost. I said, now if you are one of those who believe that it is the last days, that times are hard, that churches can't be built, that all we can do is just hang on until the Lord comes back, by the grace of God we can't have Holy Ghost revival, we can't have soul saving, we can't have an outpouring of the Spirit of God, then don't go to Amarillo and tell my people that! Because they believe they can build the greatest church since Pentecost, filled with the Spirit of God, amen? God wants to do that here and if He is to do it, we are going to have to go back to the first century gospel.

Billy Graham was beginning his ministry and he was not as well known as he is now and he was coming to a certain community to preach. And the preachers got together to talk about the meeting, the crusade that would be held there and one of them said, brethren I am concerned. And this man was a very liberal theologian. He did not believe the book and the blood and the blessed hope like we do. And he said, you know I am concerned that this fellow Graham is going to be coming here preaching that old time re ...

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