by Daniel Rodgers

How Do You Spell Father?
Daniel Rodgers
Deuteronomy 5:16

INTRODUCTION: Today is ''father's Day. It is a day we honor our fathers and our grandfathers. In Scripture we are commanded of the Lord to ''honor'' our fathers and or mothers. On May the 11th, we celebrated Mother's Day, and today we celebrate and honor our dads.

ILLUS: Let me begin with a brief story:

This particular family had three small children who were determined to have a puppy. Mom protested because she knew that somehow or other, she would end up caring for the critter. True to form, the children solemnly promised that they would take care of it.

Eventually, she relented and they brought their little puppy home. The children named him Danny and cared for him diligently - at first. But, sure enough, as time passed, Mom found herself becoming more and more responsible for taking care of the dog.

Finally, she decided that the children were not living up to their promise so she began to search for a new home for Danny. When she found one and broke the news to the children, she was quite surprised that they had almost no reaction at all. One of them even said rather matter-of-factly, ''We'll miss him.''

''I'm sure we will,'' Mom answered, ''but he is too much work for one person and since I'm the one that has to do all the work, I say he goes.''

''But,'' protested another child, ''if he wouldn't eat so much and wouldn't be so messy, could we keep him?''

Mom held her ground, ''It's time to take Danny to his new home.'' Suddenly, with one voice and with tears in their eyes, the children exclaimed, ''Danny? We thought you said Daddy!''1

This morning I want to use the word ''father'' in the form of an acrostic. The title of the message is ''How do you spell father?'' We spell father in this way:


A. A Saving Faith

1. Dad, let me begin by saying, you cannot be the best father possible unless you have a saving faith. Regardless of how much you love your childre ...

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