by Dennis Marquardt

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Fought the Enemy (4 of 6)
Series: Pathways to Revival
Dennis Marquardt
2 Kings 18:7-8; James 4:7

INTRO: While revival is a wonderful time of bliss and returning to God, it is not just a time of ease! Returning to God means Rebelling against the Enemy! A time of revival does not take us out of battle; it puts us energized into battle! In this sense a revival is a time of refreshing in the Spirit and resisting Satan!

Revivals don't end our problems, nor eliminate our efforts in spiritual warfare; a revival often increases the amount of work.

ILLUS: Renewing the Church is like remodeling your house: it takes longer than you hoped, costs more than you planned, and makes a bigger mess than you ever thought possible. -- Paul Smith in Is It OK to Call God Mother. Christianity Today, Vol. 37, no. 12.

Hezekiah discovered that revival meant dealing with the enemy, not just dealing with God. Hezekiah would not have kept the benefits of revival if he hadn't also driven back the enemy, revival therefore is more than just getting blessed by God, it is also battling the enemy.

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that we must fight the enemy to secure the benefits of revival, God asks us to respond to Him and rebel against the enemy!


A. Confidence! 2 Kings 18:7a
1. Notice this phrase, ''and the Lord was with him; he was successful in whatever he undertook...''
a. Because of his commitment to God's Word in spite of the circumstances Hezekiah had God's blessings on him!
b. Obedience to honor God's Word had put him under the blessings and not the curses of the covenant.
c. Hezekiah was enjoying God's presence and his confidence level was high!
2. This was not ''self-confidence'' as much as it was ''God-confidence.''
a. Hezekiah's confidence was in God and His Word, not in himself.
b. Hezekiah had learned to take God at His word.
3. For Hezekiah the only priority was what God had said, it did not matter what Sennacheri ...

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