by Dennis Marquardt

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The Unclean (8 of 8)
Series: The Kinds of People Jesus Ministered To
Dennis Marquardt
Mark 5:21-43

INTRO: God has no preference for certain people over other people, He loves all equally. Skin color does not matter, educational background does not matter, ethnic origin does not matter, and even our sinfulness doesn't affect God's love or willingness to touch people's lives.

Like many societies in many ages there were those in Jesus' day that felt that certain people should not warrant God's touch on their lives, that they were unacceptable people. Ironically, it was often the religious leaders that helped propagate this attitude.

As was so often the case however, Jesus demonstrated that His love and His touch were for anyone who came with faith ... this is the good news for today also, no one is rejected by God that comes by faith, no one – but it is necessary to come by faith!

So often the world wants proof first, then they will believe, but this is not the way God's kingdom works.

ILLUS: Most of us, in our desire for meaningful faith, seem to be saying to God: "Show me, and I'll believe!" This approach never works. God has made it very clear to us, in the life and teaching of his Son Jesus, that the process must be reversed. He is saying to us: "Believe in me, and I'll show you." -- John Powell, S.J., in Through Seasons of the Heart. Christianity Today, Vol. 31, no. 2.

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches that even the most rejected person is welcomed to be touched by Christ if they come by faith. God does not reject anyone with faith ... He welcomes the "clean" and the "unclean" who will come in faith.

I. UNITED IN CRISIS Mark 5:21-28

A. The Clean Mark 5:21-24
1. A good moral and godly man named Jairus found himself in desperate need, his 12 year old daughter was dying.
a. Jairus was a synagogue leader
(1. This meant being highly respected.
(2. A man respected by his own peers.
(3. Someone with a proven r ...

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