by Dennis Marquardt

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The Sick (7 of 8)
Series: The Kinds of People Jesus Ministered To
Dennis Marquardt
Matthew 9:1-8

INTRO: The presence and power of God in this world gives us hope. Hope is a powerful reality. Despair is like a cancer to the soul, it dries up the heart, it removes joy from the mind, but hope looks forward and sees something new, something great, it brings life and the expectation of life. Hope helps those with loss see the possibilities of recovery, of gain, of something wonderful and new.

ILLUS: A man in his middle years was on a Caribbean cruise. On the first day out he noticed an attractive woman about his age who smiled at him in a friendly way as he passed her on the deck, which pleased him. That night he managed to get seated at the same table with her for dinner. As the conversation developed, he commented that he had seen her on the deck that day and he had appreciated her friendly smile. When she heard this she smiled and commented, "Well, the reason I smiled was that when I saw you I was immediately struck by your strong resemblance to my third husband." At this he perked up his ears and said, "Oh, how many times have you been married?" She looked down at her plate, smiled demurely, and answered, "Twice." -- James S. Hewett, Illustrations Unlimited (Wheaton: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc, 1988) p. 290.

In a world filled with brokenness and sin there is a place of hope, that hope is found in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus touched those who were filled with despair and He rewarded those who came with faith and hope in having their needs met by an encounter with God.

Christ is able to meet the needs of body and soul ... He is our hope for both eternity and this world.

PROP. SENT: The bible teaches us that Christ is able to meet all our needs, of body and soul. He who can heal the soul for all eternity can also heal the body for the temporal existence in this life.


A. Condemnation ...

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