by Dennis Marquardt

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Jehovah-Nissi: The Lord My Banner (9 of 10)
Series: The Names of God
Dennis Marquardt
Exodus 17:8-16

INTRO: It is very fashionable these days to march with a banner waving: Some have marched to the following:

''Ban the Bomb''
''No Nukes''
''Equal Rights''
''Women's Lib''
''Save the Wales'' etc.

Everyone marches to some banner, even if it is not written on a placard and held for all to see, all one has to do is look and listen to find out what banner they march to. Our very lives should reflect the very glory of God ... and thus show Him off as our banner.

ILLUS: The other night I took our family dog for a walk. It was a full moon, so bright that we cast a shadow as we walked along. But of course the moon has no light of its own. It shone, and it lit us up so brightly, because the sun was shining on it. It merely reflected the sun's light. In the same way, we have no glory of our own, only such as is reflected from the light of Christ that shines upon us. That is what we live for: to bask in that radiance, to reflect it, to bring it to the world around us, not for our own sake but for the praise of his glory. - John Guest in Only a Prayer Away. Christianity Today, Vol. 36, no. 2.

PROP. SENT: The Scriptures teach us that as God's people we are to raise high the Lord Jesus as our Banner for all men to see! We do this by how we speak and what we reveal in the way we live! The Lord is our Banner!


A. Attacked! Ex. 17:8
1. Forces of this world are opposed to God and His people!
2. Our walk with God will be challenged by this world!
a. The world will challenge our values.
b. The world will challenge our faith in God.
c. The world will challenge our passions and emotions.
3. You cannot live godly and go unchallenged in an ungodly world!
a. Society will challenge your sincerity and faith.
b. Sickness may challenge your trust in God's goodness.
c. Trials will challenge your patience in Go ...

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