by Dennis Marquardt

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Jehovah-Shalom: The Lord Is Peace (3 of 10)
Series: The Names of God
Dennis Marquardt
Judges 6:1-24

INTRO: There is restlessness in the world today - caused by many different problems. Governments are racing against time trying to solve problems in the hope they can bring peace to the world. In spite of this their efforts clearly fall short even when the appearances of peace are printed outwardly!

ILLUS: The feeling of being beset by blind forces is especially strong in the mixed city of Jerusalem. ... Hardly a day passes in the ''holy city'' without a riot or a stoning, without cars being torched or firebombs thrown, without attempted lynchings or the stabbing of an Israeli by a Palestinian (or vice versa). After each incident, municipal cleaning machines, marked ''CITY OF PEACE'' in three languages, appear on the scene to wash the blood from the streets in time for the next group of pious pilgrims to pass by, fingering their rosaries and muttering solemn prayers. -- Amos Elon in The New Yorker (Dec. 24, 1990). Christianity Today, Vol. 36, no. 3.

We assume we would have peace if we had:
a. A decent salary a year per person
b. A nice home for every human being
c. No sickness or being ill
d. Plenty of food and water for everyone!
(These things are not unimportant! God expects us to try and make many of these things a reality, but the truth is that these things won't bring peace, peace will bring them!)

If these things alone are the foundation of our peace we will be frustrated constantly and never find peace!

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that our peace is found in God - not in goods; peace comes not from solving problems but from saving people! Then ''the Lord is our Peace!'' (Jehovah-Shalom)

I. PROBLEMS! Judges 6:1-6

A. Power of Midian Judges 6:1-2
1. Feelings of helplessness. (Sounds like today)
a. The enemy was greater than they were.
b. Their failure to turn to God left them vulnerable.
2. Had to hide in fear.
a. This was t ...

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