by Fred Lowery

How Well Do You Know Your Daddy?
Fred Lowery

What is God really like? You know this is Father's day and we salute every father in this room, every grandfather. What is God the Father like? When you think of God what do you think about? Do you see God as a cosmic Santa Claus who gives you what you want when you're good and He's always you know checking the list twice to find out who is naughty or nice. Is God more like a cosmic policeman, He's always watching, trying to catch in something so He can say gotcha! Is that your view of God? What do you think about when you think about God? You know everything in the Christian life is a response to our conception of God. And the amount of joy and happiness and fulfillment you're going to have in your life is largely determined in your own concept of God. Now listen to me and listen carefully. God as He is may not be the God that you conceive Him to be. You know people tend to base their conception of God on their parents, their past, their perceptions and a perception is the cruelest form of reality. And though you are concept of God may be real to you it may not be God as He really is. Here's the good news for you this morning. God is so much greater, so much more powerful, so much more caring, so much more loving, so much more forgiving, than you have ever conceived Him to be. And He wants you to know Him. God wants you to know Him as He is not as you conceived Him to be how you perceive Him or imagine Him to be but as He really is. God has revealed Himself in the solar system, in the scriptures and in the savior Jesus Christ those are three incredible ways God has revealed Himself. Why? Because He wants us to know Him. If you look up in the sky on a clear night and you see this fuzzy band of light known as the Milky Way. A milky way of one billion stars and yet our galaxy is just one of billions of others that God created. If you could rent a space vehicle and travel for a hundred and fifty mi ...

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