by Steve Jones

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Salvation from God's Judgment (4 of 4)
Series: Wrath and Rainbows
Steve Jones
Genesis 6

INTRODUCTION: There was just one problem with Swan Quarter, North Carolina, it was lowland. So, naturally the choicest real estate was on the highest ground. In the event of a heavy rain, the closer you were to sea level, the harder you were hit. A little more than a hundred years ago a church wanted to construct a building in Swan Quarter but the only lot available on which to build was a plot of low-lying property on Oyster Creek Road. It was far from an ideal location, but they acquired the land and construction began. The church was to be white frame, small but sturdy, propped up on brick pilings. In 1876 the building was completed and on Sunday, September 16, a joyous dedication ceremony was celebrated. That was Sunday, September 16. Three days later, on Wednesday, a terrible storm lashed Swan Quarter. All day the wind howled and the rain came down in a gray wall of water. By nightfall, much of the town was flooded. The storm raged on all through the night and into the bleak morning. By Thursday afternoon the wind subsided, the rain all but stopped. For the first time in more than a day there was an almost eerie calm. One by one the citizens of Swan Quarter threw back the shutters and peered out. Those within sight of Oyster Creek Road beheld the most incredible sight they had ever seen. The church building, the whole building intact, was floating down the street! The flood waters had gently lifted the entire structure from the brick pilings on which it had rested and had sent it off, slowly, silently, down Oyster Creek Rd. Within minutes, several concerned townsfolk were sloshing about in the street, waist-deep, fighting the rushing current, trying desperately to reach the still moving church so that they could moor it with lengths of rope. The ropes were fastened, but the effort was in vain. There was no stable structure secure enough to restra ...

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