by Steve Jones

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The Certainty of God's Judgment (3 of 4)
Series: Wrath and Rainbows
Steve Jones
Genesis 6:17, 7:11-12, 17-23

Introduction: A newly converted teenager was deep into reading the Bible while waiting for the bus. Every now and then he would exclaim "Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Amen!" A skeptic heard him and came to ask what he was reading. He answered, "I'm reading the Bible, and how God parted the Red Sea and let the Israelites cross. That was some miracle!" The scoffer said "Don't believe everything the Bible tells you. The truth of the matter is that that body of water was only six inches deep, so it was not a miracle." The teen nodded in disappointment but kept on reading as the skeptic walked away feeling proud that he set the Bible reader straight. Suddenly the skeptic heard the teen let out a loud "Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!" Hearing this he went back and asked, "What is it now?" The teen replied excitedly, "Here is a real miracle. God drowned Pharaoh's army in six inches of water."
I hope we have some skeptics here today because I think this could be a helpful message for honest seekers who struggle with doubt about the Biblical record. Even among some of us long-time Christians, the account of Noah, the flood and the ark, may stretch the limits of our credulity. Is there any evidence in the geological column for a flood of world-wide proportions? Could anyone ever build a boat large enough to hold pairs of all of the animals in the world? Surely that's a mythical story not meant to be taken literally. And if that's a mythical story, maybe the story of creation is mythical, or the story of the exodus from Egypt and then the story of the resurrection of Jesus. Where does it stop?
This is my third message in a series on the Judgment of God from Genesis chapters six and seven. In the first message we talked about the JUSTICE of God's judgment. In the second message we talked about the PATIENCE of God's judgment. Today, I want t ...

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