by Daniel Rodgers

What Are We Doing on Mars?
Dan Rodgers
1 Corinthians 3:18-19

ILLUS: Just a few days ago, we landed a spacecraft on Mars, in hopes of finding new life forms. I don't know why we have to travel all the way to Mars to find aliens and weird life forms--there are many of them walking the streets in Sacramento.

The following is an article written by the Arizona Star, dated June 15th of this month.

The University of Arizona-led Phoenix Mars Mission includes an intriguing partner: a group dedicated to finding extraterrestrials.

The SETI Institute -- SETI stands for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence -- is a partner in science experiments under way on the red planet.

The Phoenix spacecraft touched down on the red planet May 25. Science experiments are expected to last about 90 days. SETI's interest in the Phoenix mission is in laying the groundwork to finding out whether primitive life ever formed on Mars and if conditions there could still support microbial biology. If life did start on Mars, that opens a whole universe of possibility.

"You have these two options: One where we're the only life form in the universe, and the other is the possibility that there are other life forms out there," said Marshall. "If you find even one microbe on Mars, your whole uniqueness disappears."

That life might be like nothing we've ever seen before, perhaps not DNA-based like everything on Earth, he said.

INTRODUCTION: With all the talk of UFO's, the questions about the possibilities of life on other planets, crop circles and the like, folks are asking many questions about life beyond what we know or understand it to be today.

Not long ago, President Bush announced plans to place a permanent, manned space station on the moon. I don't know what they are going to do with it once they have it there, but it looks like we will spend several billion dollars to find out. This will be the moon version of Motel 6, where they "leave the light on for y ...

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