by M. Jolaine Szymkowiak

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The Season of Pentecost -- Choices Then and Now (4 of 8)
M. Jolaine Szymkowiak

We find with the next two women we will study have very different traits than we have seen before in the previous women's stories. Yes, all the women have more or less obeyed their husbands, but they were strong women in their own right. They were devious in their dealings with family but they thought that was something they had to do to bring about what God had told them. Not waiting on God, but going ahead and trying to make things happen.
In the women we will study today, we find one woman who is infatuated with a "hero". She does what her father wants of her against her will and her best interests. The other woman recognizes the difference between what she had in a husband, knows the kind of person he has become and what she wants to have. She waits on God's deliverance, takes advantage of the situation and waits to be remembered by her future husband.
Michal– 1 Samuel 14:49; 1 Samuel 18:17-29; 1 Samuel 19:10-17; 1 Samuel 25-44; 2 Samuel 3:12-16
Abigail – 1 Samuel 25:1-44; 30: 1-30.
Michal – A woman whose marriage lacked unity and fell apart was King Saul's second daughter. Her relationship with David grew from the time that he killed Goliath. She grew to love David as he played his harp for her father. Her sister was to be the prize for David's killing the giant. However, David was too young for marriage at that time and too young for the older sister. When David was old enough to marry, the older sister had been already given in marriage. David asked King Saul for Michal. King Saul did not trust David, or, let us say David did not have favor in the sight of Saul. Saul allowed this conditionally, if David would go to the Philistines and bring back 100 foreskins as a dowry, he could have Michal. Saul thought that would be the death of David. But David brought back 200 foreskins and gets the lovely and loved Michal.
We now go some time forward when Saul is ou ...

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