by M. Jolaine Szymkowiak

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The Season of Pentecost -- Choices Then and Now (1 of 8)
M. Jolaine Szymkowiak
May 28, 2008

(Note: Anyone using this series of sermons or Bible studies may wish to give the scriptures for the next part ahead of time so that the congregation or Bible study group may read the scripture for the next section to be prepared to listen, learn and apply. I have found this procedure works best in this instance. Also when used in the service, multiple women may be used to read the scriptures of the different women. It seems the scripture stories read better by a woman than by a man. A full bibliography for this study will be given at the end of Sessions 1, 5 and also with the final session. It is hoped this will give you ideas into the many women of the Bible and their choices in life much the same as ours now. It is also hoped that with our combined efforts God's Glory will shine through. )

The season of Pentecost is one season within the Church that though it is the longest it is possibly the most exciting season within the Church and almost no one realizes that fact. Advent and the Christmas story, Lent and Easter have finished. The summer season has now begun and now what! The excitement has gone out of church, we are looking forward to vacations, outside activities, and we don't feel like church attendance is of such importance as it is for Christmas and Easter.
Years ago, I had a pastor (I worshiped in that church) and a priest (I was secretary for this church) who made a difference during that Pentecost season. They made it a new learning experience for everyone involved. They presented the obscure stories of the Bible, ones that we don't normally hear about, or even read about. Or when we do, we pass over them as not being as important as others and/or possibly just a biblical historical item.
Those obscure stories were interestingly presented so that we were eager to learn about the next person to be presented, and the Pentecost season passed ver ...

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