by Rex Yancey

Jesus Saves, He Still Does!
Rex Yancey
John 3:1-7

There are over 20 terms used in the NT to describe the Divine/Human encounter. They are terms like: regeneration, salvation, justification, glorification, sanctification, In Christ, reconciliation, redemption, calling, and the one I want to discuss today, the new birth.

John gives us a lesson in obstetrics. When a baby is born, it is a definite experience. I was born in a small four room house in the country. My Dad met Dr. Mauney in an iron tired wagon and she delivered me. The date of my birth was recorded. My mother said it was a wonderful event. She even gave me a name. Although I don't remember much about my birth, I know it was a definite experience because I am here now.

The second birth is more definite than the first because it takes place in the conscious realm. For me, it was in Vacation Bible School on a Friday that I asked Jesus to come into my life and be my Savior.

For Paul, it was a definite experience on the Damascus Road. He writes about that in Acts 9:22. He was there when it happened and he shared the experience.

I know this will take many of you by surprise, but a baby is only born one time. There is no repeat. "A man can't enter his mother's womb and be born a second time, can he?" Even Nicodemus knew that.

"Once saved, always saved," may not be found in the Bible, but the principle is there.

According to Hebrews 6 "It would be impossible to renew one again to repentance." That means that if one can be saved and then lost, then that person can never be saved again because Jesus died once for all. He will not come back and die again. "Once saved, always saved" is not a dangerous doctrine. But twice lost, always lost, is dangerous.

God disciplines His children when they get out of his will. That is another sermon. But you can read about it in Hebrews 12.

When one gets saved, his name is placed in the Lamb's book of life, never to be erased. If a Chr ...

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