by Rex Yancey

The Second Coming of Jesus
Rex Yancey
John 14:1-6

The entire New Testament is saturated with the promise and expectation of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. God's plan is being rapidly consummated. It blesses me to know that I am moving along with the purpose of God in history.

I had a man to tell me once that I was just a pea in a pod. I told him that what he said might be true but bless God I am in the pod!

There have been some fanatics who have predicted the end of time. These are the religious figures used in most movies today. I guess that is why Christians are called ''Right wing fundamentalists'' by the pundits. They just dump us all in the same barrel and try to close the lid on us.

I just believe what the Bible teaches and Jesus promises that God began history and He will end it. I do not believe man will solve the problems he has created for himself. In fact, as we go along, things are getting worse, not better. The Bible is being fulfilled everyday.

The Second Coming is not a new doctrine. It is mentioned in Jude Verses 14-15. It is not a strange doctrine according to 1 Thessalonians 5:4-6. It is not an unimportant doctrine since it is mentioned more than six hundred times in the Bible. I want us to see three important points from this text today. 1. THE GUARANTEE OF THE SECOND COMING

''I will come again and receive you unto myself.'' That is a promise straight from the lips of Jesus. I couldn't ask for a better guarantee than that.

There are those who try to water this down by saying He was referring to Pentecost, or that He comes to us moment by moment. There are those who believe this refers to Jesus coming to us at death.

Let me be frank with you. I believe this means that one day God the Father is going to say to God the Son, ''Son, it is time. Go and bring my children home, and bring history to an end.''

1. This statement is a promise.

He literally went up and according to Acts 1:11 He will literally come bac ...

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