by Rex Yancey

How to Pray for Unsaved Friends
Rex Yancey
Luke 11:1-13

Someone has said ''More is wrought by prayer than this world ever dreamed of.'' I do not believe in prayer. However, I do believe in a God who answers prayer. There is a difference.

Prayer is the privilege of small children and the work of strong men and women. It is one of the greatest privileges we have as Christians. I believe we experience many failures because we fail to pray.

As Baptists, we believe in the priesthood of the believer. To state this in non-catholic terms, we believe every man is his own priest. We do not have to confess to man. We can go to our mediator Jesus Christ, who intercedes for us before the Father.

Jesus took prayer seriously. It was not an after thought with Him. It was forethought. It was a part of who He was. He was so vitally connected with the Father that the communication line was always open. He prayed in the early morning, at noon, and night. He prayed before great decisions. He prayed in the Garden when the eternal salvation was on his shoulders.

He inspired others to pray. When the disciples saw Him praying they realized a deficiency in their own prayer lives.

I believe this text shows us the way to intercessory prayer.


The motive of the prayer is getting provisions for our friends. I really believe that one of the reasons we do not see more people saved is because of our failure to intercede for them. ''We have not because we ask not.''

Can there be any question but what it is midnight in the lives of many people. Can we say, ''Lord this man has come to me in his journey? Will you help me give him what he needs?''

-2 Kings 7:1-9 records some leprous men who found bread and provisions for themselves. While they were enjoying the spoil, one of them said, ''We do not well: this is a day of glad tidings, and we hold our peace: if we tarry till the morning light, some mischief will befall us: now therefore come t ...

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