by Roger Thomas

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Getting a Grip on Our Bible College Partnership (4 of 7)
Series: Strengthening Your Grip
Roger Thomas
Matthew 9:35-38

Introduction: Sometimes you see only what you're looking for. After church, Maude says to husband Claude, "Don't you think the preacher needs a haircut?" Claude responds, "I guess I didn't even notice." "Well, did you see that loud tie Deacon Smith wore?" "I'm afraid not," Claude says. Maude continues, "And that short skirt Amy Jones was wearing! Really now! Don't tell me you think that's the proper attire for an elder's wife." Again Claude, says, "I'm afraid I didn't notice that either." "Oh, for heaven's sake," snapped Maude. "A lot of good it does you to go to church!"

Ouch! I share that silly story to introduce our text. Jesus saw things differently than many. (Mt 9:35-38) Jesus saw the same people others watched. He felt compassion. Others were irritated. He saw a need. Where some might have simply seen a problem, he saw an opportunity! "The harvest is plentiful!" The harvest was a metaphor for introducing people to a life-changing faith in the God of heaven. Jesus was an optimist! He believed people would respond when given an opportunity. But it is the next part of his statement I want you to catch--but the workers are few."

Today we focus our attention on Central Christian College of the Bible. The school holds a special place in the life of this church. This church helped found the school in 1957. John Hall served as a preacher of this church and the college's first president. Central remains the single largest recipient of our mission support. Many from this church have attended the school. We have four students enrolled this year. I teach there part time. Ed Lewis also teaches a class at Central each year. Paul Gore serves on the board of trustees. Others have in the past. This church and Central have a long a ...

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