by Roger Thomas

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God's Unfinished Business (5 of 10)
Series: Eternal Matters
Roger Thomas
Revelation 1:4-8; 6:9-11; 10:5-7; 11:15-18; 20:11-15


I passed a sandlot yesterday;
some kids were playing ball.
I strolled along the third base line within the fielder's call.
"Say, what's the score?" I asked.
He yelled to beat the stuffing,
"There's no one out, the bases full, They're winning
forty-two to nothing!"
"You're getting beat, aren't you my friend?" And then in no time flat
He answered, "No, sir, not as yet! Our side hasn't been up to bat!"
(Source unknown)

The kid knew something some of us could learn. It ain't over 'til it's over. That's just as true in life as it is in baseball. A lot of needless defeat and grief comes when we anticipate failure. Giving up before the last strike, letting up before the finish line, quitting before the final buzzer--that's no way to play a game or live a life. It ain't over until it's over.

The message of the Bible is the same. If you think it's over now, if you look about at the sordid mess of a world that we live in, if you concentrate on the pains and problems you have right now and conclude that you're beat, you're wrong! Not yet! It ain't over 'til it's over! I am here to tell you today that God has some unfinished business.

That's what the book of Revelation is really about. The last book of the Bible is obviously hard to understand. It is filled with strange word pictures, visions, and symbols. Hopefully, those who first read it understood the meaning of the details better than we do. I'm not here today to solve the riddle of Revelation. But I do think I know the main point. That shines through even though the mystery of the details remains. Listen to this selection of verses from Revelation that outlines the main theme of the book.

Revelation 1:4-8; 6:9-11; 10:5-7; 11:15-18; 20:11-15

In a word, Revelation is a call to keep on keeping on. Even when it look ...

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