by Roger Thomas

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Meet Your New Minister (4 of 11)
Series: Parables Series: Surprising Lessons on the God-Life
Roger Thomas
Matthew 25:14-30

Introduction: It is possible for something to become so old-fashioned that it seems new. Those of us old enough to have a few miles on the odometer of life only smile when we hear young people get all excited about the latest fashion--flared blue jeans (we called them bell bottoms), Capri pants (nothing but peddle pushers), even the buzz hair cuts that so many guys sport now days are only slightly different than the crew cuts and flat tops of my youth. Some of us have had our harvest gold and avocado-colored refrigerators so long that they are now back in style again. Orange shag carpet can't be far behind! Heaven forbid! I have few ties about six inches wide that I am still waiting on! Let's not even talk about my emerald-green leisure suit.

I half jokingly tease my kids (who all go to large contemporary churches complete with singing led by bands with drums, guitars, electronic keyboards and large-screen projection of the lyrics) that someday in their lifetimes a young whipper-snapper is going to come along and create a turmoil with a revolutionary new idea for church music. Somebody will propose singing accompanied by the latest fad--a pipe organ. They will also suggest another new-fangled innovation. Someone will come up with the unheard of idea of every person having their own printed copy of the songs complete with musical notation. You could actually bind all of the music in a single volume that people could hold in their own hands. You could even build racks into the back of the seats to store them. Imagine that! It will happen! And those my kids' age will argue that they prefer the old-fashioned way! The way THEY have always done it!

Ed Lewis observed the other day that many of his students are amazed at his ability to figure math problems with nothing but a pencil and paper. No computer! No calculator! Just ...

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