by Roger Thomas

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The Greatest News (5 of 5)
Series: First Person Youth Dramas: Imagining Your Faith
Roger Thomas
Mark 14:51-52

Introduction: God gave us a marvelous gift when he gave us imaginations. Imagining is a part of our ability to think, to create, and to invent. The Bible says we are made in the likeness and image of God. That doesn't mean that God looks like us. It means that we are like God in some important ways. Probably that means we are like God because we can love, we can communicate, we can think. I think we are especially like God because we can imagine and think new ideas. God certainly has an imagination. Look at the marvelous world he made. So many different animals. So many colors. So many trees. So many people and for the most part we all look different. And God thought it all up.

To be able to imagine something is part of what is involved in planning something. When you get ready to draw a picture and make some craft project, you first think about what you want to draw. You picture in your mind what you want to do and then you start to do it. The greatest artists are men and women whose hands are able to do what their minds can imagine. Most of us can't do that very well.

The Bible tells us that God loves to plan. He thinks of things he wants to do long before they happen and then begins to make them come about. Long before anything every existed God thought about you. He planned you. He planned all of us. He knew what we would be like. He knew the good things we would do. And he knew the bad things. He didn't make us to them. We made that choice ourselves. But God knew about it and he planned what he would do about it. That's what our story will be about tonight--God's plan for forgiving our sins and preparing a place for us in heaven.

Prologue: The Bible tells us about something very unusual that happened the night Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane. You might even think it was sort of funny. It pr ...

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