by Roger Thomas

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The Bravest Woman I Know (3 of 5)
Series: First Person Youth Dramas: Imagining Your Faith
Roger Thomas

Introduction: We are once again going to turn our imaginations on. The ability to imagine, to dream, and to see things in our minds that aren't really there yet is a marvelous gift from God. Imagination and creativity enables authors to write great adventures, musicians to compose music that no one has ever heard, artists to paint amazing pictures, and inventors to think up machines and ways of doing things that no one else had yet thought of. All of us have imaginations because God made us that way. We can use our imaginations for good or bad. We can dream of great things that honor God and help others or we can use our imaginations to think up evil.

Our imaginations can be helpful when we read the Bible. When we read anything, we picture what we are reading about in our minds. When we read the Bible and we really try to understand it, we picture the events as if they were happening before our eyes. That's a part of the way we learn and remember what we read. It is important to read the Bible carefully enough that we begin to see in our minds the stories about God and those who walked with him. When we begin to read the Bible that way, we soon realize that God is speaking to us and not just to men and women who lived thousands of years ago.

Tonight I want you to imagine a Bible story. I will describe a far away place and a far away time. You will create the costumes, the buildings, and the people in your imaginations. When I place this head-covering scarf on my shoulders, I will assume the voice of a character I will describe. Listen as if you were there. When I remove the scarf, we will come back to here and now.

Prologue: Some people think the God of the Bible only used men or sometimes boys to do great deeds of courage and faith. They are wrong. There are many great, brave women in the Bible. Tonight we are goin ...

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