by Roger Thomas

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The Man Who Walked with God (2 of 5)
Series: First Person Youth Dramas: Imagining Your Faith
Roger Thomas

Introduction: Remember what we are going to do. We are using our imaginations to step back into the world of the Bible. When I put this scarf over my shoulders, I will become a character from the Bible. At the same time, you will become a part of the same story. Everything that I tell you will be true to the Bible's story. I will make up a pretend situation and some details here and there to fill in the blanks. But the heart of the story will be just what we learn from the Bible.

Your imagination will be important because we will have no costumes, no props, no stage backgrounds. We will make up all of that in our imaginations. What we picture in our minds will be much better and far more realistic than any play or movie. I want you to imagine that you are really there. I don't want you to just watch the story unfold. I want you to picture yourself as part of the events. And don't just listen to the tale as it happens to someone else. Try to listen so closely that you begin to catch a bit of the message that the Lord might have for you as our story comes to life. Remember when I put this scarf over my shoulders, I will speak in the voice of the character. When I take it off, we will return back to our own time.

Tonight, close your eyes as I paint an imaginary picture of another time and another place.

Prologue: Last night we began at the very beginning of the Bible. Tonight we will leap forward thousands of years to near the end of the Old Testament. Still it is a long, long time ago in a far away place. You are in Jericho an historic Jewish border town a hard day's journey east of the Judean capital of Jerusalem. Yes, it is the same Jericho that Joshua captured some 800 or so years earlier. It was a border town then and it still is.

We are seated in a large public building. It looks sort of like a courthouse. T ...

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