by Roger Thomas

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The Good Old Days (1 of 5)
Series: First Person Youth Dramas: Imagining Your Faith
Roger Thomas
Genesis 1-4

Introduction: Each night this week, we are going to spend some time taking a trip back in time into the pages of the Bible. The approach will be a bit different than what we usually do. I am going to need your help. This will require some imagination. We are not going to just hear the Bible story. We are going to imagine that we are a part of it. Each night I am going to assume the part of a character found in the pages of the Bible. I am going to tell you the story as if I am that person. You will also be a part of the story.

Here is where the imagination comes in. There will be no costumes, no props, no stage sets like you might see in a play or in a movie. Instead, we are going to imagine all of that. To tell the truth, we can make better costumes and backgrounds in our imaginations than we could ever actually construct. Each night, I will begin by telling where the story takes place, what the scene looks like, what the characters are wearing, what we hear, smell, and see. But we will have to build all of this in our imaginations. I will explain the part I am playing and who you are. Once our imaginations are in full gear, I will begin the story. When I lay this Arab head-covering over my shoulders, that will be the signal that the story is beginning. When I have this on, I will be that character and you will be your characters. When I take it off, we will be back here where we began. Now for our first scene:

Prologue: We are going back in time, a long time. Thousands upon thousands of years. Nobody knows for sure how long. Probably at least ten thousand years. Perhaps longer. If you were looking at the scene on television, you might think you were looking at a bunch of cavemen. That wouldn't be exactly the case, but it would be close. A campfire burns brightly in the center of a crowd of children. An old man si ...

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