by Roger Thomas

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The Anchor (6 of 18)
Series: New Testament Sampler
Roger Thomas
Romans 8:28

If the Christian life was a ship at sea this verse is the anchor. When the waves and wind toss the ship back and forth, the anchor keeps the vessel from drifting out of control. When the anchor holds the ship is safe.

If the Christian life was an ocean voyage this verse is the North Star. When every direction seems the same and confusion seems to take the ship into dangerous waters, a brief glimpse of the North Star makes everything right again. Fog and clouds may make it disappear for a time, but eventually the mist evaporates and there it is. With the North Star in sight again, the journey can proceed. All is well.

If the Christian life was a journey across the sea, this verse is a safe harbor, maybe even the homeport. In open waters, the ship is vulnerable to every passing storm. The harbor provides shelter and security. Let the storm roar and the winds blow. None of that matters when the ship is safe in the harbor!

The powerful words of Romans 8:28 is the anchor, the still point in a turning world, the harbor of hope for the Christian's life. We know we need that. Every one of us knows what it means to feel pushed and pulled by the world. Sometimes the storm seems to throw our souls into turmoil. Sometimes we are thrown off course. We lose our sense of direction. It is all too easy to feel overwhelmed by so much confusion, so much wickedness, so many temptations, and so many obstacles and challenges to overcome. We need the promise of this verse. We need this anchor for the soul. Examine Romans 8:28 with me and find God's security for the storm tossed soul.

"We know..." It's not I think, I feel, I wish, but I know! There is certainty and confidence here. It is grounded in the truth and faithfulness of God himself. Everything else may change, but God is faithful. We know! We have tasted and he is good! We have felt the bottom and it holds! We ...

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