by Steve Wagers

It's Amazing What Praising Can Do!
Steve N. Wagers
Psalm 147:1
June 1, 2008

Sermon Outline
1. Committed to the Practice of Praise!
A) Individually
B) Consistently
2. Conscious of the Power of Praise!
A) It Reveals the Presence of God
B) It Releases the Power of God
C) It Refreshes the People of God
3. Comfortable in the Presence of Praise!
A) Why we should Enjoy It
B) How we should Express It

A. W. Tozer, considered by many to be a 20th century prophet, wrote a classic masterpiece called, "Whatever Happened to Worship?" The book opens with these words, "Christian churches have come to the dangerous time predicted long ago. It is a time when we pat one another on the back, congratulate ourselves and join in the glad refrain, "We are rich, increased with goods, and in need of nothing."

He continues, "It is true that hardly anything is missing from our churches today, except the most important thing. We are missing the genuine and sacred offering of worship." [1]

In Psalm 147: 1, the Psalmist reminds us of our responsibility to worship and praise God. He speaks of the duty of praise, and then gives the definition of praise.

If we were to go around the auditorium of the average Baptist church we would find, as Vance Havner said, that many are "doubters and many are pouters; but, all should be SHOUTERS!" I have found that those who shout don't have time to pout, because they do not doubt.

From Psalm 146: 1 to Psalm 150: 1, we see God's command to give Him praise. On each occasion we are not counseled, but we are commanded to "Praise ye the Lord." The words "Praise ye the Lord" are actually one Hebrew word and it is the word for "Hallelujah!"

The word "Hallelujah" is a combination of 2 Hebrew words. It comes from the word hallal which means, "To brag, or boast;" and, the word Jah that is simply a shortened name for God. Thus, when we say "Hallelujah," or when we praise the Lord we are simply bragging on and boasting in t ...

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