by Steve Wagers

Packing up Today, Moving out Tomorrow
Steve N. Wagers
II Peter 3:10-14
May 4, 2008

Sermon Outline
1. The Ready Look of Anticipation!
A) An Immediate Moment
B) An Intense Moment
2. The Righteous Life of Consecration!
A) Be Our Best for Jesus
B) Do Our Best for Jesus
3. The Returning Lord of Glorification!
A) Glory is a Promise
B) Glory is a Place
C) Glory is a Person

One of my favorite heroes of history is a man named Sir Ernest Shackleton. In 1915, while the Great War embroiled Europe, the world waited for news of the Shackleton's expedition of Antarctica.

Due to many unforeseen hindrances, Shackleton was driven back from his quest of the South Pole, and forced to leave his men behind on Elephant Island with the promise that he would come back for them. He tried to reach them on several occasions, but due to the inclement weather conditions, he was unable to do so.

One day, he tried again. However, the weather was so bad that he was told it was impossible. Yet, as he neared Elephant Island he found a break in the ice. Risking his life, as well as the lives of his men, he finally reached them, and rescued them in a little more than 30 minutes.

What made the rescue so swift was that, when he finally reached them, they were all prepared to leave. Later, when they finally reached safety, Shackleton asked one of his men why they were so prepared to be rescued. The soldier replied, "Wild, the 2nd in command, never gave up hope. Whenever he saw a break in the ice he shouted to everyone, 'Roll up your sleeping bags boys, the BOSS MAY COME TODAY!'"

In this section of Peter's 2nd epistle the theme is of that "coming day of God." He is speaking of the day when the Lord Jesus comes in the clouds of glory. If I may borrow those words, it's as if Peter is saying to us, "Get ready, because the Boss may come today!"

I think of the mirrors on our cars. On them are the words, "Objects are closer than they appear." The reason is that t ...

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