by Eddie Snipes

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Why God Moves or Does Not Move (6 of 6)
Eddie Snipes

The Move of God.
Because of the perception of the lack of God's move in the historic Christian church, many people are flocking to the circus world of 'Christian' showmanship. For generations the church has been dumbed down to the point where the average Christian cannot discern between the move of God and the that which masquerades as truth. There is only one way to identify a counterfeit – by knowing what the authentic looks like. In the past, bankers studied the authentic 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills so that when a counterfeit showed up, they were able to identify it by its false markings. When it comes to truth, the church previously has been able to discern what is false by knowing biblical truth. Unfortunately this is no longer the case. All false moves claim to be biblical but if they were, they would be consistent with scripture and focused on Jesus Christ.

Most Christians claim to know the Bible, but if this were true, false doctrine would be quickly identified. The truth is that most Christians get their doctrine second or third hand. Even Christians who study the Bible often do it through an interpreter. Reading a book about the Bible is not the pure milk of the word. Using a devotional is not the pure milk of the word. Getting doctrine through a teacher or a preacher is not the pure milk of the word. Teaching and preaching has its place in God's plan, but it is not intended to replace personal Bible study. As people have become 'leader dependent', they have also become vulnerable to error. As the teacher goes, so goes the follower. The teachers are following experts and the layman is dependent on teachers. Even study Bibles can be a hindrance if you are depending on the commentary instead of seeking the Lord through the word and listening to the Holy Spirit.

Without a firm foundation built on the doctrine of scripture, we cannot be in God's will and will not see the move of God. Consi ...

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