by Eddie Snipes

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Founded Upon the Rock
Eddie Snipes

Hearing the Word.
Throughout the Old and New Testaments, one thing is stressed more than any other thing – the word of God. The Psalms reveals David's intimacy with God and in it, he reveals the secret of his personal righteousness. David confesses that his life is shaped by 'taking heed to Thy word'. He declares his love for the word and God reveals to him the power and importance of the word. In Psalm 138:2, the scriptures declare that God has magnified His word above His own name.

When deceivers try to lure others into their web of deceit, the first thing they do is try to break their followers away from God's word. Cults twist scriptures out of context to give the pretense of holding to the Bible while teaching doctrines that contradict scripture. Almost all cults highly discourage their followers from studying the Bible without guidance. Most cults publish 'study guides' which weave their followers away from scriptures that would challenge the beliefs of the cult. Partial information can be manipulated to appear to say something that is actually contradictory to what the scripture has communicated to us. It is often said that you can prove anything with the Bible. This is true ONLY if you filter out everything that you do not want to be known. If you study the word, it is not possible to be led into error. To fall into error, there must be either ignorance of the word or a rejection of the word. If we only receive what is given to us by man, we can be manipulated by men who manipulate evidence. Let me give an amusing example of how we can falsely prove that women are dangerous drivers through the Bible. Look at the following passages:
Acts 27:15 we let her drive
Acts 27:17 and so were driven.
Acts 27:20 all hope that we should be saved was then taken away.

Of course if you read this chapter, you will see that 'her' is the ship Paul and Luke were on and the event is a storm that caused a shipwreck. Without ...

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