by Rex Yancey

The Conquest of a Corpse
Rex Yancey
John 11:38-44

There were two drunks in a cemetery one day observing a crane lower a Cadillac in a big grave with a dead man behind the wheel. One of the drunks looked at the other and said, "Man, that's really living isn't it?"

It didn't really matter how the man was buried. He was dead.

Jesus was a frequent visitor to the little town of Bethany on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Mary, Martha, and Lazarus invited Jesus into their home. It would be great today if we had more people invite Jesus into their homes and lives.

There are three kinds of death mentioned in the bible. There is physical death, spiritual death, and eternal death. Millions of people are spiritually dead and they do not even know it. If they continue in that spiritual death until they die, they will be eternally dead.

In 1 Corinthians 3, Paul talks about an infant Christian, a carnal Christian, and a mature Christian. I want us to use Lazarus as an example of a dead man, a defeated man, and a delivered man.

Jewish people had the idea that the spirit hovered over the body for three days after a person died. After that, he was good and dead. The Bible says that Lazarus had been dead for four days. He was a goner for sure and there was no hope of reviving him. He was a hopeless case.

When I was a younger pastor, I had a self made veterinarian as one of my church members. He had the reputation of being able to bring a cow back to life if she hadn't been dead for more than three days. He was good wasn't he?

Another one of my members called him one day. He said, "Doc, I need you to come quickly. I had a cow to throw something up as long as my arm." The doc said, "What did it look like." The member said, "It was her tail!!!!"

Actually, there was only one thing wrong with Lazarus. But that one thing wrong made everything wrong. He doesn't need friendship; he needs life! He may have put somethi ...

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