by Ron Dunn

Living by Prayer
Ron Dunn
John 14

Our Heavenly Father, as we bow in this moment, enable us to worship. Father, we find increasingly the most difficult thing we know how to do in the Christian life is to know how to worship, to know how just to be still in your presence and know that you are God. Father, I pray that during these days together, in a very new and revolutionary way you would teach us how to worship, how to love thee, how to know thee. Father, our prayer this morning is the prayer and the pursuit of the apostle Paul as he said I continue to count all things but loss that I may know Him. Father, our heart's desire, the heart's desire of this one at least, is that I may know Him. I thank thee that there is far more to Jesus this morning than any of us have ever experienced. Regardless of our knowledge of him, we stand ankle-deep in a fathomless ocean. We stand at the entrance of an inexhaustible mine. Regardless of how many times we have explored it, we have never even yet begun to plumb its depths, and to realize the riches that lie hidden there in our blessed Lord. So we look today, this morning, at this very moment, to the Holy Spirit to enlighten our hearts, to open our eyes, to unveil Jesus to us that we may see him, and as we see him, be able to worship and praise him as we ought. This is our prayer in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Would you open your Bibles to the Gospel of John, chapter 14? When I was a little boy, one year our family took a vacation up into Missouri. I don't remember the name of the place. The thing I remember is that there was a cave at this particular resort. Out of the cave there flowed a stream that formed what they called and claimed to be a bottomless lake, a bottomless pool. It was crystal clear, and the guide as were standing around the lake, explained to us that they have never been able to find out how deep it is. He said we've lowered rope after rope after rope and we have never yet touched bottom. Nobody has ever yet m ...

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