by Ron Dunn

Will The Victorious Christian Life Last?
Ron Dunn
Joshua 24:14-15

When we talk about living a victorious life, an overcoming life, being able to live in this world in victory, it is a fair question to ask: Will it last? If I ask you, or any preacher or teacher asks you, to commit yourself to Christ in this way, totally under his Lordship so that you can live in victory, it is a fair question to say: All right, I will do this and have a great experience, but I want to know something. Will it last? Or am I doomed to live on a rollercoaster-kind of Christian life? Up and down, up and down. Or is there such a thing as constancy in the Christian life? I want to answer that question this morning. There are two answers to it. Will it last? Yes and no. Don't you feel better? We solved that. We may as well quit right now. Don't get scared off by that word no for it is not a bad no. As a matter of fact, it is a necessary no. It is necessary in order for there to be the yes part of the answer.

Let me try to explain. First of all, I think it is essential that we understand there is no such thing as a quick fix, sure cure, once and for all experience in the Christian life that will immediately elevate us, catapult us into a life of constant victory. We need to understand that. There is no magic formula, no quick fix, no special secret experience that will do that. Understand that. Let's suppose you've come to this meeting, and you realize that your Christian life is not what it ought to be, and you have a hunger for more to experience more. You know that you are not experiencing everything in Christ that you ought to experience. There are battlefronts in which you are constantly being defeated. So you answer the challenge and say I want to live that kind of life. I want Jesus to be absolute Lord of my life. I want the Holy Spirit to have me and fill me so I am coming and committing myself to him today. What you have done at that moment is ...

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