by Rex Yancey

How To Get The Most Out Of This Revival
Rex Yancey
Hebrews 10:17-25

Dan Yeary, Pastor of North Phoenix Baptist Church, was once a pastor in South Florida. He tells the story about a movie company that bought an old gas station and made it as one of the scenes in a movie. The CEO hired a security man to guard the old gas station until the movie was completed.

It looked like the real thing. So people would drive in to buy gas and this security man would have to go through the whole ball of wax about it being a set for a movie.

He finally got tired of all the explanations and decided to have a little fun. When the customer drove up he would pop the lid and pretend to fill the tank. People would try to pay and he would say ''It is free. There is no charge.'' The people would drive off thrilled to death but empty.

I wonder if this could be a parable for the modern day church. People come to church empty and leave the same way. Maybe that fact is an explanation as to why more people are not faithful every time the doors open. It only takes a service a week to fill their wagons.

We don't schedule revivals for the sake of having a protracted meeting, It is vitally important to feel that we get something out of a revival.

In Isaiah 6, Isaiah saw something, felt something, and heard something. He saw God high and lifted up and seated on His throne. He saw himself. He saw his people and their sins. He felt the seraphim touch his lips with the tongues from the altar. He heard God call him to go and preach to an obstinate people.

Worship was not a waste that day for Isaiah. He did not get bored. He left with more than he brought to worship that day. I would imagine that service lingered on in his life for many months.

How can we get more out of this revival according to our text today?


Why? One reason is because we can. We have access to the throne of grace. We have a friend in the house of God. ''Draw nigh to God and He ...

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