by Rex Yancey

Keys to Growing in Ministry
Rex Yancey
September 12, 2007

I appreciate the opportunity to be here today. I was a student here from 1966-1970. I shall always be grateful for the individual attention I received here at Blue Mountain.

I appreciate Dr. Meeks and Dr. Bain for being faithful to the Lord in teaching you and preparing you for a life of ministry. I appreciate the other professors here because we all know they could make more money some where else.

I surrendered to preach in October of 1965. I was called to a church in September of 1966. I spent 2 and ½ years in the ministry of full time evangelism. This is my 42nd year in the ministry. Approximately 30 of those years were spent as pastor of First Baptist Churches.

So I will speak to you today from my background. I hope you can learn something from my experiences that will help you in your ministry.

I want us to think of four major keys to growing in ministry today.

A. Be sure of your salvation.
I have several pastor friends who were saved after they surrendered to ministry.

-Ronnie Barefield held several positions in Randolph Baptist Church. I was preaching there one Sunday morning and before I got through preaching he came to the altar with tears running down his face. He wanted to be saved. His testimony was that every time the Lord would convict him he would take another position in church.

Jim Futral was preaching on the tares and the wheat in this county many years ago. When the invitation was given the pastor made a profession of faith.

James Lewis gave his testimony here Monday that he was saved after he had made a decision to be a minister.

Dr. Wilfred Tyler made a profession of faith after he became President of Blue Mountain College.

There is nothing shameful about being saved anytime. So all I am saying is to make sure you are saved.

B. Be sure of your call.
-I was saved at the age of 10 in V. B. S. ...

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