by Roger Thomas

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Unashamed! (5 of 18)
Series: New Testament Sampler
Roger Thomas
Romans 1:16-17

Ashamed is a strong term. A very strong term! It takes something mighty ugly to make most of us ashamed. Someone, maybe a loved one even, embarrasses us. Those of you who have or have had teenagers know that it comes with the territory. At about thirteen, the sweet adorable little child suddenly refuses to be seen with you in public. Any excuse will do. "Go ahead, mom. I'll catch up. I want to check the air in the tires."

Our kids were the same way when they were that age. Let me assure there is light at the end of the tunnel--and it's not a locomotive heading your way. Of course, I was always a very sympathetic and understanding father to my teenagers. Despite that they sometimes acted like they were embarrassed to be seen with me.

I remember when our two oldest were in Jr. High. Neither of them could drive, so I chauffeured them everywhere they needed to go. I was such a good father! Our second car was a twenty-year old clunker. It was mostly dark blue tinted with a nice pattern of rust. The driver's door had a large concave pattern sculpted into the sheet metal. A wreck had bashed it in a few years before! It opened, most of the time, but the window didn't roll down. The rear end still carried the impression of a light pole. A bungee chord held the trunk shut.

The car was a cream puff--at one time! You can guess from my description that I wasn't inclined to spend a lot of unnecessary funds on the car. If baling wire or duct tape didn't fix it, it didn't get fixed.

I remember well the time the muffler and maybe a few other parts needed replacing. You could hear the car coming three blocks away. If I took off too fast, it popped and banged before exploding with a big puff of smoke. Other than that, it ran perfectly.

I will never forget how badly I was hurt when my daughter offered to walk the two miles to school rather than let ...

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