by Roger Thomas

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John: Life in the Son (6 of 29)
Series: Through the New Testament
Roger Thomas
John 1:1-18; 20:30-31; 21:24-25

Introduction: The Holy Spirit used four different men to record the story of Jesus. The four gospels, as we know them, each offer a unique perspective on the life, teachings, and ministry of Jesus. Matthew emphasizes Jesus the Jewish Messiah. Mark spotlights Jesus the Amazing King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Luke tells the story of the Compassionate Savior of All. John stands out as the most unique of these four unique accounts of Jesus.

The first three are termed by scholars "the Synoptic Gospels," a term meaning "with the same view," because compared to John, Matthew, Mark, and Luke are more alike than different. John looks at Jesus from a totally different angle. He emphasizes a different timeline. He concentrates on Jesus' early ministry in and around Jerusalem. He spends over half of the book on the last week of Jesus' life. John also gives us close ups of Jesus. Mark for example quickly moves from event to event with quick snapshots of Jesus' life. John settles in on long involved situations and teachings. John comes off much more concentrated.

Most of all, John is transparently evangelistic. The others make a case for believing in Jesus as well. But John makes it clear that everything he has chosen to write is for one purpose--to build faith in Jesus so that souls can be saved. I want to keep that in the back of our minds as we overview this fourth Gospel tonight. Let's read three sections to get us started. John 1:1-18 provides the introduction that lays out most of the themes that John will illustrate throughout the next twenty-one chapters. John 20:30-31 outlines the main theme and probably the structure of the book. John 21:24-25 concludes the entire book with John's own personal testimony of faith.

Let's overview the Gospel of John by looking more closely at his theme--John 20:30-31. These verses and th ...

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