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Christ IS the New Testament (1 of 29)
Series: Through the New Testament
Roger Thomas
New Testament Overview

Introduction: A few years ago on Christmas Eve, I learned something about helicopters and the Bible. We had traveled to Atlanta, GA to visit our oldest son who is a television reporter for Fox5 Atlanta, one of the largest TV stations of the city. He is currently a lead field reporter. This means he and a cameraman rush to the scene of the latest political event, crime or highway accident to interview people for live shots for the 6 or 10 o'clock news. At that time he was the stations helicopter reporter.

He spent eight hours or more a day at a small local airport waiting with a pilot for orders to take off to hover over and report the latest news. He was working Christmas Eve so we drove to the airport to meet him. While he was giving us a tour of his office and the hanger where choppers for five or six different stations were housed, his pager went off. Everyone scurried to the phones to find out what was happening. Soon he and all the other chopper reporters were getting ready to take off to cover a major accident on the expressway a few miles away. He invited me to go along. But being the kind, chivalrous, thoughtful, not to mention acrophobic man that I am, I said, "Rose, why don't you go." I went to the lounge and watched the excitement on television while Rose and Tony hovered a thousand feet above the city for the next hour. The more I learned about helicopters the happier I was to not go up in one.

When they returned, Tony continued our tour. He provided a close up examination of the chopper. His was a small four-seater. But one of the rear seats was filled with camera equipment. He would sit in the other, observe monitors and dials in front of him, and operate three different cameras, while providing live news shots for the evening telecast of the station. I was comforted to be told that the odd-looking rhino-horn-appearing thing that pro ...

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