by Roger Thomas

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The Case for Christ (5 of 6)
Series: The Old Testament for New Testament Christians
Roger Thomas
Romans 1:1-4

Introduction: Let's play Clue tonight. How many of you have played the classic Parker Brother's board game? You may remember it from your childhood or seen the old Paramount Pictures movie based on the game. The game is based on a murder mystery. The plot takes place in an old mansion. After the guests arrive for a dinner party, the lights go out. Someone screams. The lights come back on. One guest is dead. Your job--to find out "who dun it."

Was it: Col. Algernon Mustard, Professor Edgar Plum, Mr. Thallo Green, Mrs. Henrietta Peacock, or maybe Miss Scarlet? Maybe Col. Mustard did it in the kitchen with a knife? Or perhaps Miss Scarlet used a lead pipe in the library? Or Professor Plum a candlestick in the parlor? Bit by bit the clues come together. The first to solve the crime wins the game.

In some ways, the Bible reads like a good mystery story. From its opening chapters, the Bible begins to drop little crumbs of evidence about the end of the story. Like a classic "who dun it" thriller, bit-by-bit little pieces of evidence accumulate. At first it makes little sense. As the clues mount up, a vague outline begins to form. Finally, toward the end of the story, the pieces begin to fall into place. A good mystery often surprises you. But when you look back, it makes perfect sense. The clues had been there all along.

The Bible contains sixty-six books but tells only one story. The Bible is not really all about the many different men and women who fill its pages. It is about one man or rather a God-Man who would visit earth at one moment of history. The message of the Old Testament is "He is coming." The first four books of the New Testament declare, "He has come." The remainder of the Bible announces, "He is coming again."

Listen to how Jesus explains this, "You diligently study the Scriptures because you think ...

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