by Fred Lowery

Fully Alive
Series: One Month to Live
Dr. Fred Lowery
April 27, 2008
John 10:10; Revelation 2:4, 5; Mark 12:30; Job 5:2; Colossians 3:23

Leaving a legacy that's so much, I think all of us want to leave a legacy, amen. You want in the lives of your children your family those things that really matter. I want to talk this morning about something that I'm excited about, I've been in meetings the last couple, the last several days, I don't know how many meetings I've been in my wife could probably tell you but it seems like from morning to night and beginning last Sunday and I've met with about – hello, I didn't know ya'll were here. We got lights, glad you could be with us. I met with probably about ninety percent of the adult Sunday School classes and I could give you fifty good reasons why I think this church is the best church in this part of the country. I won't do that for the sake of time but one of those important reasons is that this church is willing to change, to adapt, to try new things. It is not willing to sit here and die. It is not willing to just get older and greyer and deader. You see we exist for those not yet reached that's our philosophy. We have church for those who haven't even shown up yet because we want to reach them for Jesus. So to reach the next generations even the younger ones today, our students, our college kids, our students, our Tiny town children they need to be reached for Christ. And God started really working in my heart about two years ago at the Southern Baptist Convention when Ed Young pastor of second Baptist Houston is a friend of mine and he preached a message that he said he didn't want to preach and told his wife he wasn't going to preach it and his wife said well did God give it to you to preach and he said yes, well then you have no choice you have to preach it. And that's why I think God gave us wives. So he brought that message and I gave that illustration some weeks later where he had kids up on ...

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