by Robert Walker

The Life That Shines
Robert Walker
Exodus 34:29

On January 24 a Muslim woman who lost her small-claims case after she refused to remove her veil in court has been granted a new hearing.

Ginnnah Muhammad, 42, of Detroit, plans to wear a niqab--a scarf and veil that covers her head and face, leaving only the eyes visible at her Feb. 21 hearing.

Muhammad wants to contest a rental car company's $2,750 charge to repair a vehicle that she said had been broken into by thieves.

"I'm hoping that the judge ... listens to my case and judges the case on its merits, not on how I look," Muhammad said.

In October, District Judge Paul Paruk told her he needed to see her face to determine her truthfulness and gave her a choice: take off the veil while testifying or have the case dismissed. She kept it on.

Muhammad successfully appealed, arguing Paruk's ruling unfairly forced her to choose between her religious beliefs and her case.
She continued to wear her veil. Well Moses continued to wear a veil after he had lost the glow. After a while Moses lost that communion that he had with the Lord but he continued to wear the veil.

Moses experience was one of the saddest in the entire Bible for he continues to love the life outwardly but he had lost the radiance inwardly.

I wonder how many of you have lost the glow. I wonder how many don't have the love for God's Church as you once had. You begin to miss a service here and there until when Sunday night and Wednesday night come around, you don't even think about it?

The glow is gone. You lose that vital communion with God. You may still wear the veil but you know the glow is gone.

Friend there are certain steps that are a must in order to maintain communion with God.


Notice in Chapter 33:2 God tells Moses I am going to send My angel before you, and I will drive out the Canaanite and the Amorite and the Hittite and the Perizzite and the Hivite and the Jebusite.

In othe ...

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