by Daniel Rodgers

Can I Know That God Is Working in My Life?
Dan Rodgers
Philippians 2:13

INTRODUCTION: Let me begin by saying, if you are a Christian, God is working in your life. If you are not a Christian, God is working in your life, as well. He wants to bring you to Christ--to salvation. 1 Tim. 2:4 tells us that it is His desire to "...have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth."

Have you ever wondered if God was really working in your life? I mean, you know you are saved--you love the Lord, and you want His will for your life, but nothing much seems to be happening; and you begin to ask, "Is God really working in my life, does He have a special plan and purpose for me? And if He does, how would I know?

This morning, I want to answer the question, "Can I know that God is working in my life?" with three suggestions:

I. Look Around
II. Look Inside
III. Look Up


There are a lot of things happening around us every single
day, that have a direct relationship to God's will for our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes things go right over our heads, and we miss what God is doing because we aren't really expecting Him to do anything. But friend, I can tell you, God is working in your life--and you'll see it, if you are looking.

ILLUS: My little Grandson, Bryce, is sometimes a daydreamer. When he goes into one of his trances, you can wave your hand in front of his face, you can call his name, but for a few moments, he doesn't even know you are around. Now, for a grandfather, I can tell you, that really hurts.

By the way, how do you think it makes God feels when He's trying to get our attention, and we're daydreaming, or we are so preoccupied with other things that we don't notice Him?

Let me suggest two things to do, as we look around:

A. Make a list of circumstances

1. God works through circumstances. Let me give you a challenge. When you get home today, write down a list ...

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