LOVE (4 OF 6)

by Steve Jones

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Love (4 of 6)
Series: Gap Leadership
Steve Jones
John 21

Introduction: From Brennan Manning's "Posers Fakers and Wannabes". A pious Jewish couple married with great love, and the love never died. Their greatest hope was to have a child so their love could walk the earth with joy. They prayed and prayed and then had a delightful little boy named Mordecai. He was rambunctious, zestful, gobbling down days and gulping the nights. He grew in years and wisdom and grace, until it was time to go to the synagogue and learn the Word of God. The night before his studies were to begin, his parents sat Mordecai down and instructed him on the importance of God's Word. He listened wide-eyed. But the next day Mordecai never arrived at the synagogue. Instead he found himself in the woods, swimming in the lake and climbing the trees. When he returned home that night, news of his absence had spread through the small village. Everyone knew of his shame. His parents were beside themselves. But they had no idea what to do. So they brought in the behavior modificationists to modify Mordecai's behavior, until there was no behavior of Mordecai that was not modified. And they went to bed knowing Mordecai would go to synagogue to learn the Word of God. And the next day Mordecai found himself in the woods again, swimming in the lake and climbing the trees. Mordecai's parents grieved for their beloved son, sorrowful and without hope. And it happened at this same time that the Great Rabbi came to the village. He was an imposing, somewhat fearsome man, revered by all. Mordecai's parents said, "Ah! Perhaps the Rabbi can help." So they took Mordecai to the Rabbi and told their tale. The Rabbi bellowed, "Leave the boy with me, and I will have a talking with him." It was bad enough that Mordecai would not go to the synagogue. But to leave their beloved son alone with this lion of a man was most unsettling. But they had come this far, and one does not easily dismiss t ...

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