by Fred Lowery

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What Is Success (3 of 3)
Series: Classic Christianity
Dr. Fred Lowery

We are going to look in the Book of Romans today and we are going to talk about success. Somewhere I read about the most often asked questions: how can I lose weight; where can I park my car; is it on sale? Probably another one would be how much will my payment be because that's the thing we want to know. But you know what we ought to be asking? Is the spirit of the living God working supernaturally in my life? Is God real to me. Am I able to see God at work in my life. To put it another way, is there anything happening in your life that you cannot explain in human or natural terms? In other words, looking over this last week, as you look at your life, what did you do last week that you could not have done unless God helped you; unless you had supernatural help? You know what I'm afraid of? I'm afraid that the average Christian in the average church doesn't have enough spiritual power in his or her life to blow a mosquito off course. That's sad. Many years ago they would paint stripes on the highway by hand. So, the highway department hired this guy to paint stripes. He said he was a good painter and so he painted that first day and he painted 5,000 feet and they were blown away because nobody had ever painted that many feet before. They thought, "We've got us a real winner." They couldn't wait until the next day. He went out and painted the next day and he came back and he had painted 3,000 feet. They were a little confused. The next day he went out and came back and he had painted 1,000 feet. They called him in. They said, "We don't get it." "Your first day, you were incredible." "Nobody has ever done what you did." "You painted 5,000 feet of stripe." "But then the next day you dropped down to 3,000 and then today you are at 1,000." "What happened?" "What's going on." He said, "Well, I kept getting further and further from the bucket." That's the way some of yo ...

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