by Fred Lowery

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What is Salvation? (2 of 3)
Series: Classic Christianity
Fred Lowery

Amen. We bless your name. I forgot to mention Lisa Matlock – that is Jon Warren's nephew's wife has a brain tumor, hoping that it is not malignant – but we want to keep Melissa in our prayers. Last Sunday, we talked about what is sin? We are talking about for three weeks Classic Christianity and today "What is salvation?" And next Sunday what is success? Those three words shape your present and your future. What do we mean when we speak of salvation of being saved. A lot of times the world out there doesn't understand when you use those terms, What do you mean – are you saved? Every human being craves unconditional love and unconditional acceptance. Everyone is looking for meaning and purpose in life. Why am I here? What do I have to look forward to? How can I make it through this life? People have deep inner needs that only God can meet. They can not meet these needs themselves. They need a Saviour. They need salvation. So this morning I want to begin and end my message at basically the same point on the same truth. What is it that everyone needs? Salvation. No exception. Everyone that you meet either has Christ or needs Christ. So what is salvation. Salvation is the saving death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. By His death and by His resurrection you and I can be saved. Now most if not all of you have the Bible in your hand. How many of you brought your Bible this morning? Hold it up high so I can see it. All over the building. Now you have the Bible in your hand. The question is when it comes to understanding salvation do you have the Bible in your heart. But it is not enough to hold it in your hand and it is not enough to have the truth of God in your head. Do you understand me when I say you must have it in your heart. Many of you understand what happened when God took our sins and He gave them to Jesus Christ. And that is glorious to know that God too ...

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