by Steve Jones

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Vision (5 of 6)
Series: Gap Leadership
Steve Jones
John 21:18-19

INTRODUCTION: A lame-duck president met with his successor in the Oval office. Near the end of the orientation, he presented the incoming leader three numbered envelopes, with specific instructions to open them, in order, when great difficulties arose. After the new president completed his "honeymoon" period with the media and the public the nation experienced an economic downturn. He opened the first envelope. Inside was a card that read: "Blame me." So he did, criticizing the former administration. After a while, social upheaval brought about a domestic crisis. The President opened the second envelope. Inside was a card that read: "Blame my party." He did so, in an overt display of partisan politics. About a year later, foreign policy resulted in serious problems and the president opened the third envelope. Inside was a card that read: "Prepare three envelopes."

That's one way for an existing leader to prepare a new leader for office, but it's not an example of good preparation. We have been in a sermon series based in John 21 and studying Jesus' preparation of his disciples to become the leaders of the church. I call it "Gap Leadership" because Jesus has this session with them during the fifty-day gap from Easter to Pentecost. We've seen that leadership, Jesus-style, is active leadership, servant leadership, and loving leadership. Today I want us to see that it is VISIONARY leadership.

What is "vision"? I want to clarify that when I talk about vision I'm not talking about vision with a capital "V". I'm not using the term in the same way that the prophet Joel used it when he said "In the last days your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams." I don't mean vision in the sense of a prophetic vision. I don't mean vision in the sense of an inspired word of God revealed directly to the mind of a prophet or an apostle. If I understand what the Bib ...

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