by Rex Yancey

Six Things God Does Not Know
Rex Yancey
Psalm 139:1-6

Psalm 139 is believed to be a psalm of David to extol the omniscience and the omnipresence of God. These verses suggest that there is nothing that God does not know about us. He knows everything.

Have you ever met anyone who knew everybody? There was one man like that in Shuqualak, MS. His name was Joe Harrison. He could not carry on a decent conversation without dropping someone's name.

One of his friends got tired of it and bet him five hundred smakers that he did not know the Governor of California. Joe said, "I will take that bet." Arnold Schwarzenegger is a personal friend of mine. I trained with him at the gym when I lived in California." So, they get a plane ticket, fly to California, and taxi to the Governor's mansion. The "guvenator" came out, looked up and said, "Joe Harrison from Shuqualak, MS." His friend could not believe it.

He said, "I'll bet you five hundred dollars that you do not know Archie Manning." Once again Joe said, "I'll take that bet. I was a student at "Ole Miss" when Archie was there. We were in the same fraternity."

So, they fly to New Orleans find Archie in a restaurant. Archie looks up from his table and says, "Joe Harrison from Shuqualak, MS." His friend was irate.

The friend was not going to be outdone. He said, "I bet five hundred dollars that you do not know the Pope." Joe said, "I'll take that bet. I met the Pope when I was in the military and we became fast friends. So, they fly to Rome, taxi to the Vatican and Joe says, "You can't get in but I can. Do you see that balcony? I will bring the Pope out on that balcony and get him to wave at you."

So Joe goes inside and in a few minutes he comes out on the balcony with a man with a beanie cap on and a robe. His friend is thinking to himself, Joe may be pulling my leg. That may not be the Pope at all.

He sees a priest walk by. "Pardon me, priest, is that the Pope on that balcony?" The ...

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