by Robert Walker

Nailed to the Cross
Robert Walker
Ephesians 1:7-12

Lou Johnson was a 1965 World Series hero for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He tried for 30 years to recover the championship ring he lost to drug dealers in 1971.

Drug and alcohol abuse cost him everything from that magical season, including his uniform, glove, and the bat he used to hit the winning home run in the deciding game.

When the Dodgers president, Bob Graziano, learned that Johnson's World Series ring was about to be auctioned on the Internet, he
immediately wrote a check for $3,457.00 and bought the ring before any bids were posted.

He did for Johnson what the former Dodger outfielder had been unable to do for himself.

God has done for us what we are unable to do for ourselves. He redeems us and makes us the recipient of His amazing grace. I want us to look at three things in our message this morning. First of all;


In Him we have redemption through His blood... (Ephesians 1:7). The key word is redemption which means "to deliver by paying a price.

There are three different Greek words which have been translated for the idea of "redemption" in the New Testament.

The first is Agorazo which means "to purchase." When we think of making a purchase, we think of buying groceries or a car or a house or some other inanimate object.

Slavery was commonplace in Paul's day. We don't talk about purchasing people - that went out with slavery over a hundred years ago. And you would commonly go into the marketplace - the Agora - to purchase a slave.

The second is Exagorazo which means "to purchase out." This is the same word with a prefix placed in front of it meaning "out." The picture is that you go into the slave market and you purchase a slave and then you bring him OUT of the market.

Lutroo or Apolutrosis which means "to release or set free." This is the word used here. It takes the picture one step further as you bring the slave out ...

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