by Rex Yancey

Does Anyone Care for My Soul?
Rex Yancey

Two boys grew up together. One became a preacher and one became an agnostic. They spent two weeks together and the time came for the preacher to take his lawyer friend back to the train station. The preacher had not mentioned Christ one time. The lawyer said, "Do you believe the Bible?" The preacher's reply was "Yes." "Do you believe in hell?" Again the preacher's reply was "Yes." "It's a lie. If you believed those things you would have witnessed to me!"

There was a man who lived on my church field many years ago. He was a member of another denomination than Baptist, but never attended. He was a free hearted kind of person and would give you the last shirt off of his back.

I went to his house to witness to him. He came out of the house without his shirt just laughing and cutting up. "Preacher, come on in." I insisted that I did not have much time but wanted to talk to him about his soul. He told me he treated his neighbor right.

I called him by his name and told him I knew how generous he was and that I had just soon ask him for something than any church member I had. But, I said, that will not get you into heaven. All he would say is "I treat my neighbor right."

Two nights after that encounter he died in his sleep. I went to his funeral and pondered the conversation we had.

I went to his grown son's house to witness to him after his funeral. He told me he was a member of a certain church. I told him what Jesus meant to me and assured him that he was my friend and that I could not withhold the goodness of salvation from him.

He gave me some excuses and it was obvious that I was not getting far with him. A few nights later he came home drunk when his wife was not expecting him. She grabbed a shotgun and went to the door. When she opened the door he grabbed the shotgun and threw it down. Both barrels went off and hit him in the chest. It killed him instantly.

I went to his funeral two ...

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