by Stan Coffey

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Final Conflict (22 of 23)
Series: The Last Days of the Planet Earth
Stan Coffey
Daniel 11

The Bible says there is a great war that is going to take place in the middle East. There will be one last great battle and it will be the battle of Armageddon. You've heard about this all of your life.

There is today in this lesson, a scenario of the events that will occur after the rapture of the church, during the tribulation time when a great world leader will be in control of the entire world.

As we look at this today, we are going to see that in the first thirty-five verses of Daniel, Daniel receives a vision and a word from God about the world wide empires that are going to come.

It seems the Lord, many times, is repetitious to drive home a point. Those of you who are in the teaching profession know that one of the ways to teach is by repetition. So, one of the ways the Lord taught Daniel about the world wide empires was to reveal to him the same truth, again and again in different visions but to expand it each time.

So, way back in Daniel 2, the Lord began to reveal to Daniel some things about the world empires that would come, including Babylon, moving on to Medo-Persia and then moving on to Greece, moving on to Rome and finally, the last world wide empire that would come that would be in the last days.

I believe the Lord also shows us these empires to show us a similarity between the future world government of which United Nations and the events in our economy, making this a global economy and a global society, all of these things are forerunners to a world wide government and a global society that is coming.

Now, when the anti-Christ arises, he will arise out of a ten nation confederacy that will be a revived Roman empire, whether it goes by that name or not. It may go by the name The European Common Market or the United Society of Europe, or the Unites States of Europe or the Union of Europe.

In our time, the fall of the iron curt ...

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